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Share Your Culinary Voice with TrolleyMate!

Are you a gourmand with a flair for writing? Do you spend your spare moments experimenting with flavors, exploring new cuisines, or visiting the hidden gems of the food scene? If the scent of fresh herbs, the sizzle of a pan, and the joy of a well-plated dish set your heart racing, Trolleymate invites you to "Write for Us" and join our diverse community of food enthusiasts.

At TrolleyMate, we are passionate about bringing together a tapestry of tastes and food narratives from every corner of the globe. We believe that every meal has a story, every cuisine has a culture, and everyone has something unique to bring to the table. That’s where you come in.

Why Write for TrolleyMate?

Audience Engagement:

Connect with a lively community of food enthusiasts, home chefs, and culinary mavens on TrolleyMate. Share your passion for cooking, recipes, and culinary insights. Your words will resonate with a diverse audience eager to explore the world of gastronomy. Join our platform and captivate the taste buds and imaginations of fellow food lovers with your unique perspective and culinary creations.

audience engagement
audience engagement

Voice & Creativity

Embrace the liberty to unleash your culinary imagination and distinctive viewpoint. At TrolleyMate, we celebrate your unique voice, inviting you to infuse your creations and insights with the essence of your individuality. Join us in shaping a flavorful narrative that resonates with a community passionate about the art of cooking. Your voice, your recipes, your creativity – let them shine on TrolleyMate.


Elevate your digital footprint and portfolio by showcasing your published work on TrolleyMate. Make your mark in the online sphere and let your culinary expertise shine.

audience engagement
audience engagement


Immerse yourself in a nurturing ecosystem of fellow food writers and enthusiasts. Join a supportive network where collaboration and shared passion for all things food create a vibrant community.

Expertise Sharing:

Contribute to the collective knowledge pool by sharing your culinary wisdom, tips, and tricks with an engaged and interactive community. Your expertise becomes a valuable resource, fostering a culture of learning and growth on TrolleyMate.

audience engagement

What We're Craving?

We're on the hunt for original, mouth-watering content that encompasses the vast world of food. Here’s a taste of what we love:

Innovative Recipes:

Explore the spectrum of culinary creativity, from treasured family recipes to your cutting-edge dessert creations. TrolleyMate celebrates the diversity of flavors, and we're eager to feature your innovative recipes that redefine the art of cooking.

Foodie Guides:

Uncover hidden gems and share your insider knowledge on the best taco stands or the ultimate guide to foraging in your city. Your expertise can enlighten our community of food enthusiasts seeking the next delicious adventure.

Sustainable Eating:

Dive into the world of sustainable eating and share your tips on reducing food waste, embracing organic choices, or cultivating a herb garden. Let's grow together in our commitment to mindful and eco-friendly culinary practices.

Cultural Culinary Tours:

Embark on a flavorful journey as you guide us through the vibrant street foods of Bangkok or the enchanting patisseries of Paris. Your cultural culinary tours will transport our readers around the world through the lens of diverse and delicious cuisines.

Health and Nutrition:

If you can distinguish your probiotics from your prebiotics and have a talent for making healthy food irresistibly tasty, your insights are exactly what we're craving. Share your expertise in health and nutrition, making wellness a delectable part of our readers' lives.

Chef Interviews & Profiles:

Connect with local chefs or shine a spotlight on emerging stars in the culinary realm. Through insightful interviews and profiles, let's delve into the stories and inspirations behind the talents shaping the culinary world. Your conversations will bring the personalities behind the plates to life.

Submission Guidelines:

To maintain the quality of content that our readers savor, we have a few simple guidelines:


Your submission must be 100% original and not published elsewhere.


Engaging, well-written, and error-free articles that reflect your passion for food.


Facts about cuisines, nutrition, and any claims should be accurate and well-researched.


High-quality images or videos that complement and enhance your narrative.


We love detailed articles that truly delve into the subject, typically ranging from 500 to 1500 words

Interested in whetting the appetites of our readers? Send your article idea or draft to teamtrolleymate@gmail.com with the subject line “Food Writer Submission: [Your Topic]”. Our editorial team will take a bite, and if it's deliciously fitting, we'll reach out to discuss the next steps.

Don't just feed the body—feed the imagination. Write for TrolleyMate and let your love for food resonate with fellow epicureans across the web. Become a part of the TrolleyMate family—where every meal is a story, and every writer is a storyteller. We can't wait to savor your contributions!